We have been in business since February 2002 and have 20 (consecutive, not cumulative) years web programming experience with many different platforms and languages. Our primary customer is the small to medium sized businesses which don't have the resources or need for a full time web server administrator or programmer.
We are a small network of individuals who have all worked for very large companies when we were younger. As the years have gone by each of us has taken on a unique role based on our individual skill set. We have each employee work on projects that require their special talents. For instance, we have a person who is solely dedicated to SEO and the social networking side of promoting your web site. We have other employees dedicated to their individual strengths whether that's programming in a specific language or whatever. Sometimes all of us work together on a large project which requires each person's expertise. If a project does not require the talents of each employee then they are not involved. Every project is different and we treat it that way so you are only paying for the services you require. It keeps the overall cost down and you're not paying for over the top office space designed to reel you in by its shock and awe of "if they have an office like this they must know what they're doing".

Having made the above statements we are a valid corporation in the state of Oklahoma and have been so since February 2002. While we are a group of networked individuals we are all under the same corporate umbrella and everyone abides by the same rules and standards.
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