Design is a common term but allow us to explain it the way we mean it. When we use the term design we are referring to the overall "look, feel and functionality" of the site. Most customers have an idea of what they want and we try to translate what you are thinking into a properly functional web site.
We like to talk to our potential customers and see what they are thinking then tell them what is available as open source and purchasable solutions to help them decide if they want to go that route or create something from the ground up. Believe it or not there is not a ready made solution to fit every business model. Sometimes we combine open source products and our own code to create a unique solution that meets all your needs. Then there are times when an open source solution can do everything as is. Then there are those times when only a site created from the ground up will give you a framework that meets your current needs but can be grown and changed alongside your business as it changes. Again, we are here for you. There are no hard sell techniques used and we ask that if you are not interested in what we do then please don't waste our time and respect us the same amount we respect you by simply not dragging things out when you have no intentions of using us.

Honesty can be beautiful and ugly at the same time.
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