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We have been in business since February 2002 and have 20 (consecutive, not cumulative) years web programming/server management experience with many different platforms and language's. Our primary customer is the small to medium sized businesses who do not have the resources or need for a full time web server administrator or programmer. Our employees range in age from 35 ~ 55 and we have all been in the business since the early 90's.
We are not a "typical" web programming/remote server management company. How or why would we say that? After professionally working in this industry for 20 years we have learned many things that people/companies say that they don't mean. We will provide a few examples to help you understand. As with everything in life there are two sides to every story. We will list a few of both.
    Here are some items we think fall into a gray area.

  1. Perception is big for consumers. So, if they see a nice looking site that says all the "right" things then they take them at their word. This can be a big mistake.
  2. Just like most businesses the Internet is full of bad people and their practices. Don't get us wrong, good people/companies do exist they just are not as common as one would like to believe.
  3. Many successful companies actually make more off of your site then just what you pay them to create it. They will use technologies that make things easier for them to develop but most of those technologies use "plugins" which track you and your users every time a page loads. (FYI, the only truly accurate way to "track" a web page is by analyzing the log files on the server directly). They will tell you it is for cross browser/device compatibility but you have to ask yourself at what expense. There is a tradeoff that comes with the pros and cons.
  4. Not all of this is necessarily a bad thing but something we think is important to disclose to our customers so they can make an informed decision on their own instead of being kept in the dark, especially if you are not technically savvy.
    Now, how we like to do things.

  1. When possible we like to build a site from scratch or modify an open source solution so it is not tracking you every time you login to post something new.
  2. Privacy is a huge issue with us. We like to discuss this with our customers beforehand. Data brokers have been around for years profiling everything you do online without your direct consent or knowledge. We take issue with that and the almost impossible to find single line of text "conveniently" slipped/hidden deep in their privacy agreement. It is worth noting that many of our "privacy" concerns do not bother our customers but we still believe in telling them up front so they can make that decision.
  3. People say they want honesty but most really do not. Apparently they have been told it is the proper thing to say but what they were not taught (or have forgotten) was that it comes with far more criticism than you can imagine and a much more difficult road to travel. Most people love a comeback story but they also like to build people up just to tear them down. We do not understand that philosophy but it is an unfortunate reality in today's world. If you are willing to open your eyes you will see it everywhere.
  4. We believe most people either love our honesty or strongly dislike us because the truth is not pretty like in a movie. That is okay, it is your money and if you need/want a "yes man" there are many companies out there who have doctorates in the art of kissing butt.
  5. Nowadays, unlike 20 years ago many things can be done remotely. More than you probably think and that is how we like to do business.
  6. We can talk as much or as little as you want. Either on the phone, via email or both. Some people want a lot of information while others do not have the time and just want the job done.
  7. Our most experienced person suffers from Asperger's, agoraphobia (fear of people) and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Not exactly a people person but as hard working and honest as you will find. If he cannot do something he will say so instead of "winging it".
  8. We are a business so we obviously use contracts but it is our belief that business does not have to be "dirty".
We know this is a very unconventional way of promoting a business but many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years and we do not even sign contracts at this stage. We are proud of this because they are in California and we are in Oklahoma and that kind of trust is rarely seen nowadays. It is because of these "old fashioned" beliefs and practices that the first line on this page started as it did.

At the very least we hope you appreciate our up front honesty and if it is not for you then we understand and hope you find a company that works for you.

If you like our way of doing business then please consider us for your web programming and/or remote server management needs.
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