The information below is a "general" guide. It's simply here to give you an idea of what to expect. Having said that, all of our quotes are provided based solely on what the customer is seeking so we donát like to set a "one size fits all" pricing table. Please contact us for a more precise price.

Very Small Site

The most common structure for a small business web site typically includes a header, footer, navigation and 4 ~ 7 content pages. This type of site often takes from several days to a week or more for design and development, and -- depending on whether artwork and content are provided -- typically costs between $450 ~ $1000.

Extra Features, Extra Cost

Many small businesses want additional features, and there's a nearly endless list of add-ons for a small web site. An e-commerce "store" or shopping cart, a forum, live chat capability, RSS feed, social media add-ons such as Facebook and Twitter, newsletter sign-up and database, a content management system (CMS) or WordPress blog will take extra time and add additional cost to a web site.

Full-Featured Site

A full-featured web site with custom design, including logo and graphics, content writing and several of the common add-ons can take a month or more in development and typically costs between $2,000 and $5,000. Extensive consultations and design changes, along with custom code and programming, can easily double or triple the fee.
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